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The Science Of God

Why do we think about God and study ways of knowing the creature of universe?

1. Love of awareness and becoming with our world is within all of us.

We all want to know, in truth did all of these thing in the world come into being of their own free will or were all of this wonderful forms painted by a powerfull painter?
beyond all of this, the first question which comes to mind for all of us is where did we come from? Where are we? Where are we going to? So in truth, everyone must not quietly until the answers of the question come.
Thus, the first thing which send us looking for god and understanding of the creation of the world of existence is our verythirsty spirit of search.

2. Sense of thankfullness.

When we look at this wide spread created world and the multiple blessing which have been provided for us sufficient intelligence, various physical and psychological abilities, various means for living and for earning our livelihood, we automatically began to think about trying to know he who has given us of this blessing and even though he doest not need our thanks, we still thank him and, until we do this we are unhappy with our feel we have not done our duty. This another reason why we begin to search to come to know God.

3. The bond between thing to our benefit and thing to our harm.

On our life we always need to saving and reaching ourselve to the safely. We will never choose anyway of life without study. We have to study and research carefully and accept whichever way has the most correct sings, speak the truth. Then we take it and move forward.

In the world different religions and schools of though invite us to take their way, but as our take, our fortune and misfortune, our progress and backwardness depends upon our study and making the best choice. We are obliged to think can't this and prevent ourselves from falling into misfortune and difficulties. This is yet another reason which invite us to search for the creator of world. The holy Qur'an says, " So give goods tidings to my servants, those who listen to the sayings and follow the best of it.. "(39: 17-18)

The Sings of God in Our Daily Life.

1. Knowing God and the progres of science.

The world creation is like a great book in which every creature forms a word or sentence in that. On his of point of view a person who worship God said. Every atom of this universe is worthy of study. A person who has faith in the ray of the light of the worshipping God, will make use of a special sense of curosity in studying the secret of creation -this is very fact which help science and human knowledge to progress-because he know that the creature of this universe has endless knowledge and power and everything. Thus he studies with greater care, more profoundly in order to be able to understand the secrets better. So, knowing God is one of the progres of the science.2. knowing God, Endeavoring and hope. Whenever a difficult and complicated event take place in the life of human being, whenever all doors are somehowe closed, one senses weaknes, weakness, hopelessness, and loneliness, when confronted by this difficulties, a person with faith in Goes them seeks His help, which He gives. He doest not see himself or herself as being a lone or powerless. He or she never despair. Because God is above all difficulties and everything is easy for him. Because of this, individuals with faith never attempt to commit suicide because attempts at suicide comes from despaire, a complete lact of hope and a feeling of having failed but individuals with faith neither lose hope nor do they sense failure.

3. Knowing God and Science Of Responsibility.

A person who has faith, no matter what his or her profession is, senses responsibility, knows his or her duties, does good, readily forgives and constantly sees a spiritual policeman within his or her soul who watches over one's deeds. But people who lact faith are selfish and dangerous people who have no sense of responsibility. Oppresion, suppression, aggression against the right of other is easy for them and they are less prepared to do good.

4. Knowing Of God and Peacefulness(oromis).

Mental and psychological diseaseses are greater in our time than how other. One factor is anxiety over future events, anxiety over death and in God is one of thing that can take anxiety away from a person. Because when the anxiety want to penetrate one's spirit, faith in God pushes it away. Because of this the believer always has a sense of peacefulness and no anxiety exist within his or her spirit.

"It is those who believe and confuse not their beliefs with oppression - that are (truly) in peacefulness, for they are on (right) guidance " (6 : 82)

Dirangkum dari 50 dars tauhid baroye jawonon, karya Ayatullah Makarioyirazi

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