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The Justice of God

The Justice Of God

Why was only justice selected from among all of god qualities. And became one of five pillars of religion?
we know that among of god qualities justice is so important that many other qualities return to it. In the general its mean putting something in its place. Some of God qualities like just, sustainer, merciful and some other qualities dependent upon it.

Resurrection is related to divine justice as well as the mission the prophet and responsibility of imams.

There was a difference of opinion about justice of the Creator. Ash'arites completely denied god justice. On their opinion justice and oppresion make no sense in relation to God. Whatever He does, is just. They said our intellect's alone cannot distinguist between good and evil of oppresion. The fact that they also said : Even if God send all the prophet to the hel and all the criminals and the sinners to heaven, its not oppression.

Mu'tazilites, and all of the shi'ites, believe in this principle of justice in relation to the creator and they believe that God never commits oppression.
On shi'ites in order to distinguish their school from that of adliyah, placed imamate as one of the principles as well. Thus, wherever there is discution about justice and imamate, this reference to the shi'ite imami school.

The most important base for human society is formed by social justice. The selection or choice of the principle of the justice as one of the principles of the principle of religion is a mean to establis justice in human society and to strungle against any kinds of oppression.

The leadership of the prophets and imams is also inspired by the issue of real leadership in human society. Thus, this principle of justice of the creator, who rules over all of the world, is the sign of the necessity for justice in all areas of human society. the Great, created the universe is based upon divine justice. Human society will also not remain without it. Justice contains two varying meanings. Firsth 'to put everything in its place as the general meaning. This meaning or sense of justice rules over all of the created universe. Tip is the famous tradition of prophet refers to when he says : it is by means of justice that all of the heavens and the earth exist.

Another meaning of justice is following of individual right as point opposite of oppression in the sense to take away somenoe right and give them to another. This is the particular meaning. And in here the second meaning will be more emphasized

Oppression doest not exist in the pure of essence of God. He never encourage a person who does evil or punishes who does good. So whith our intelect we can't accept "when God sends all of the prophets to the hel is not oppression" as the Ash'arites said.
there is difference between justice and equality. For example justice in a classroom of students is not that they all receive equal grades. Rather, justice is in this that each student be graded according to his knowledge and ability.

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